Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in the Sling of Things

Whew, I wish I had more to show for the past 72 hours than this one assignment for school, but its been rough.  I am trying to get back into something resembling normalcy.  Unfortunately, I came down with something pretty nasty while playing Tomb Raider in Cambodia.  Rather than having a restful weekend to get life together while the guys were still playing in Vietnam, I wound up sleeping most of the weekend and trying my best to get my assignments in for class.  Sleeping that much isn't a whole lot of fun, and I'm still exhausted.  But, since I have a full week to get this week's assignment done, it should be much easier.  The best part is that I'll have time to get some daily painting done as well!  

In any case, happy Monday, and I hope you are feeling better than myself!

PS - I am hoping to have a new Dillon Factor up by the end of the week as well. :)

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