Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Industrial Cityscapes

This is kind of the direction that I am starting to take my work that I do in my spare time (when I have it!).  I love industrial complexes and some of the big, huge machinery that you see around Singapore.  Out by where Joe works, there are all kinds of big things.  His entire job consists of climbing up and down big stuff.  The city is tall, with skyscrapers stretching 50+ stories at times.  Heck, we live on the 10th floor ourselves.  Part of me misses and longs for the blues and greens of the Lowcountry.  I miss the rich colors and gentle light of home.  I kept trying to insert them into scenes I saw in Singapore, but it just didn't quite work.  

So, instead, I'm working to see Singapore for what it really is, what is really there.  Scenes like this might not initially be bright and pretty, but I feel like they have an inner beauty all of their own.  There is grit, determination, a scrabbling together and resourcefulness that has brought allowed Singapore to be so successful.  Quite often, the sky is either gray and rainy, or so bright that it washes out the colors.  But there is even a beauty within the grays.  I feel like if I can see and find that, I will have succeeded.  

Life is good.  What can I say?  Today was just a pretty neat day, and I met some awesome people.  We visited a jewelry school to see a lecture on Kundan jewelry.  This is a traditional Indian jewelry that used rose cut gems, 24 karat gold, and enamel to create some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  (Similar to Allison's bracelets that she was importing, but with much more elaborate enamel).  The coolest part - I won the lucky draw, so I get to go back and take a gemology class.  I'm thinking the class about fake gems.  That should help me the best when traveling around, ha!  

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