Monday, December 12, 2011

Morning Commute

"Morning Commute"
6x6 Oil on Panel
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This was from my visit to Cambodia last fall. We had a fantastic guide, and instead of taking the main roads to get to the temples, he took the back roads, which were little more than dirt paths, not even wide enough for a car. At one point we passed this gentleman coming back from the fields after a hard days work.

It is very strange living on the equator at Christmas time. There is no snow, not even a brisk chill to the air. At least it got below 70 degrees in Texas in December! But you know what? That is okay. Singapore has figured a way around its tropical weather. One of the malls is sponsoring a real, live, snow globe! So for every $200 you spend (because, 'tis the season, go spend, spend, spend!) you get the chance to experience real, cold, snow and weather. It is quite the amusing advertisements. The big deal is that it is -3 degrees Celcius (about 27F). They even have winter clothes you can try on to take inside the globe with you to pose in photos. It just totally cracks me up. Sometimes I feel like this is a strange alternate universe that I live in!

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  1. Love this title. Appreciate you sharing your adventures and stories with us. So funny! What a life time of interesting memories you are building.


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