Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flower Study I

"Flower Study I"
4x4 Oil on Panel
$35 unframed
Click Here to Purchase

This little plumeria was a lovely break from all the shophouses and landscapes I had been doing. It was so interesting to focus entirely on different shapes and volume from what I am used to. I never realized how tough flowers can be compositionally - and that is before you ever try to paint them! Whoa. I especially love this flower because it reminds me of Hawai'i and the girls with flowers in their hair.

I'll be taking some time this week to get the business side of my art in order. The majority of the house is unpacked, which is nice, but I need to attend to some projects with my art that I've been putting off. If only we could just paint without worrying about the details! But one of the projects I'm working on you will notice today in the email. I'm updating the daily email newsletter and also starting on a quarterly one for more major updates. Things are moving and shaking this summer!

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