Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arab Street View

Arab Street View
6x6 Oil on Panel
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This is my first attempt post-workshop in NYC.  Of course it was a doozy!  Why in the world would I ever attempt something easy.  Pshaw.  It would be a complete lie to say that it has been easy to get back on the wagon since returning from the US.  I've been going through all of my pictures and I just can't seem to get inspired.  Luckily, this one is a photo that I have been dying to paint for almost two years now.  I just didn't feel like my skill set was up to snuff enough to tackle it.  Now, thanks to the boost I got from Karin Jurick's workshop, I really feel like I was able to do this scene justice.  

Karin's workshop was great, it really reminded me about why I started this journey in the first place.  Being in school and working on my MFA has been phenomenal, and I really think I have leapfrogged in my learning much more so that if I was trying to teach myself or taking workshops.  Nevertheless, I've been starting to feel a bit pigeonholed at school, and Karin was a breath of fresh air to remember to be myself.  For example, when I was in college (and we were all dirt poor) - two of my guy friends (one was my future husband, actually!) gave me a fan deck from Sherwin Williams because they knew how much color made me happy.  I'm not going to digress about how this should have been a resounding alarm bell about pursuing a finance degree... oh wait I just digressed.  In any case, I've been feeling like just the 10 or so colors we are "allowed" on class haven't been enough.  Karin forced me to buy 50 or 60 (I currently have 64 on my palette) colors.  All of a sudden, I feel like my work is much more vibrant, and I love it.  

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  1. Love it! Much more vibrant. I, too, am looking forward to having more fun with all those colors. . . as soon as I get back to painting. Soon, soon, soon.


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