Thursday, April 14, 2011

Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 34

"Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 34"
6x6 Oil on Canvas
Available at Chan Hampe Gallery
This is a cozy little hostel in Little India.  I don't really think of Singapore as having hostels, but there are a few available and they are quite nice from what I hear.

I am completely chagrinned.  The contact form for my website was somehow winding up in my spam folder of my email (fixed that issue).  A very lovely lady over here had contacted me about purchasing three paintings.  Unfortunately, because the email wound up in my spam folder, I didn't see it for two weeks.  I go to call her back.  Cell phone is dead.  Great.  Put phone in charger, write an email apologizing profusely for gmail and my website not playing well together.  Hit send.  Since this is clearly an important email, I want to move it from the spam folder into my inbox.  Well, right next to "move to inbox" is the "DELETE FOREVER" button.  Guess which one I accidentally clicked?  And since it is the spam folder, there aren't any little pop-up boxes asking if you are sure you want to delete it.  Thank goodness I had at least written down her email address, so I was able to write another email explaining again what an idiot I felt like and that I had lost her phone number with the email.  Hopefully she will forgive such silliness and get back to me.  I am just mortified about it, but I thought you all might appreciate a laugh on your Thursday afternoon/evening (or Friday am if you are here in the Sling).

I think this is a sign that I need a day off.


  1. Très jolie auberge, les couleurs magnifiques!

  2. Not a good techno day. Hope you hear back from the lady. These would look so nice in a grouping. Great colors and shapes. Would love to see the opening. Good luck and take pictures!

  3. Sometimes I hate my computer. Just a small example is trying to comment on someone's painting, deciding I need to look at the painting again in the middle of the comment, and loosing everything I just spent a couple of minutes thinking and writing about. Grrr.

    Nothing to compare with what you experienced, though. Glad you wrote down the email. Good luck!


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