Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello Down Below! #6

I think this was my favorite one from this week's exercises. It looks a bit like the two oranges in the bowl are shouting down greetings to the other oranges. Kind of fun and light hearted. I also was finally getting the colors better now. I've been trying to get that teal cloth accurate, but it was eluding me. On the lit side I kept using Naples yellow or yellow ochre, which made it kind of a dirty color. When I tried a bit of cadmium yellow light, viola! Now it is a really pretty sea foam green (very technical, I know).

Next week I am going to follow the example of Layne Cook and focus more on simple. I get so jealous of here brushwork. This week has been a great re-entry into doing art, but I need to focus on my brushwork and not overworking it. Sigh. Always more to learn!

Speaking of which, I'm having a lot of problems photographing my work correctly, and it is really bugging me. I'm not sure if the blue shadows are picking up the glare for a special reason, but in almost every picture I've taken of my work, one part or another is blown out and has glare. Grrrrr. Any thoughts?

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