Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ivory Tower - Daily Painting #11

"Ivory Tower" 6x6 Original Oil Painting on Canvas click here to Purchase

Doesn't the coffee mug look quite the smug one, looking down from its tower of peons? I really enjoyed painting all of the reflected colors from the background. Between the incandescent light and the background, these objects were anything but white.

On another note, I think I figured out my photography problem. The side patio where I was taking the photographs is surrounded by white buildings. Well, this creates some horrendous reflected light, even in places I thought were shaded! Kind of crazy. So I took the advice of Layne Cook, (who has a fantastic daioypainting blog of her own), set my ISO to 200, the white balance to cloudy, with vibrant color. Then I parked myself on the back side of the building, which is completely in shadow, and viola! Better pictures. Much less glare and color correction needed. Finding that completely shaded spot was key. I'll probably put up a tutorial on how to do this later in the week once I get my (formerly dead) computer back up and running.

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