Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pepper Pile - Daily Painting #17

"Pepper Pile" 6x6 Oil on Panel click here to Purchase
More fun with peppers!  I was using some diffused natural light on these, which produced some interesting results.  The peppers didn't have much highlight/shadow, except for the one highlight line running down all of them, depending on how shiny their surface was.  This was also a case where I was very much exploring color.  The purple is actually a alizarin and viridian combination, which was totally unexpected.  I figured out they both lean so blue that you have to actually use a cadmium red with viridian if you want to get a true neutral gray.  But if you don't alizarin and viridian make a very pretty purple.  Another interesting point - both the purple and the yellow are actually very desaturated, but because they are next to each other and of similar values and saturations, they both look more saturated.  All in all, a very useful color exploration.

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