Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 75 - SOLD

"Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 75"
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Singapore has a very interesting relationship with the environment. For example, the island is on the equator, and it does turn into a jungle if left for any amount of time. Nevertheless, the government has cultivated a "garden city" image of endless orchids, palm trees and carefully landscaped shrubbery, giving the false impression of a good relationship with nature. But everything is so controlled that people never go camping, never go hiking (unless it is a guided path with lots of "Don't feed the monkeys!!!" signs on it), they never really experience the outdoors. Which, don't get me wrong, when compared to the woods we trekked through in New Hampshire as a child, the jungle here is pretty intimidating. Bugs are WAY bigger, and snakes are WAY scarier (think verticulating python).

Nevertheless, the government just amuses me. There is a flock of birds that have roosted in some trees on the most expensive shopping district in Singapore, Orchard Road. The birds moved their roost to Orchard after trees were torn down to build a parking garage (and thus more malls). Well, this situation has been deemed totally unacceptable, as they birds, heaven forbid, might be a bit loud. Or even worse, shoppers might wind up a casualty of a bird dropping! So, the government (in conjunction with the Wildlife Authority) is bringing in trained hawks to scare away the smaller birds to a new roost. The only concern? The hawks might turn wild and attack people! Sigh.

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