Sunday, October 23, 2011

Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 79

"Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 79"
6x6 Oil on Panel
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This was the last painting I did before heading out to NYC this spring (wow, it took a looong time to post all of these!). This is a lovely corner in Little India, at night.

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Malaysia for my birthday. We found a place that is completely cut off from civilization. There is no cell phone reception, no TV, no internet. Just some beach bungalows, the beach, a bar, and your tasty beverage - and of course a few friends! In this crazy, hectic place we live, I appreciate being unplugged for a couple of days. It is wonderful to not be bombarded by all of the distractions modern day life can have. When you take away all the distractions, you're forced to interact with people face to face, and find things to do that don't involve computers and phones. We usually re-discover our passion for boardgames. Plus - once we're not all on our phones all the time, that is when we start solving the problems of the world via deep, profound discussions. Because, you know, all the worlds problems are best solved between 12-2am over an ice cold drink. ;)

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  1. Wonderful, exciting light in this in combination with the red.
    Sounds like you had a great b'day trip. Good for you!


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