Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reflections on Neon

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7"x5" Oil on Panel
$45 Unframed
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This painting is the beginning of a small series I'm starting of scenes from New York City. I went to NYC last year for Karin's workshop, and during my week there I took tons of reference photos. I'm only just now getting to paint them, almost a year later! This scene itself is from when I first got there. The weekend was beautiful, but then the first day I really got to explore the skies just opened up and poured all day long. But because it happened in a city with lots of lights and pavement, the effect was really beautiful.

In crazy Asia news, we went to a Chinese wedding in Malaysia this past weekend. I'm not the biggest fan of Southern Chinese cuisine (most of it seems to be kind of fatty and oily and consist of a lot of arbitrarily hacked up animal bits) but what they had at the wedding was very tasty. I tried all kinds of new things, like abalone. What, might you ask, is abalone? It's a mollusk, and I've always seen $100 cans that look like the one below around Chinese New Year, but I've never had it before. I mean, if you didn't know how to cook it, would you just buy a $100 canned item and try it? To be fair, a lot of the delicacies around here can be, um, exotic.


  1. I really like this one! Great job on the reflections in the street. Love the composition, too.

    I've never eaten abalone, but when we lived in California we had friends who would go digging or swimming for abalone along the coast.

    1. It kind of just tasted like a clam or mussel. I didn't quite understand why they're so expensive. But hey, at least it didn't taste like chicken, right?


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