Monday, July 26, 2010

New Goals in Art

So I started this adventure about two weeks ago, or 15 days(ish). I just realized that when I started, I was 100 days away from my 27th birthday, October 21st. My big goal is to work towards completing 10,000 hours of painting, but assuming that I work 40 hours per week every week, it will take 5 years to complete that goal. So, in order to make my bigger goal more manageable, I'm going to have small(er) challenges along the way. My current goal is to complete 100 paintings by the time I turn 27.

I've currently done about 20 paintings in the last 15 days or so, and I am already seeing so much improvement in my work. I'm figuring out how to work with the
paint, how to mix the colors, how to work with color relationships. Yesterday was totally frustrating, I wound scraping down everything I tried to do. How infuriating is that? But today I came back with a positive attitude and I've done 5 small paintings, and I feel like I am really getting the hang of it. The best part of all of this is that mess ups and mistakes are okay, they are part of the learning process.

In any case, I started out the day with my block study, and I moved on into some fruit and vegetables in order to have something else to focus on and paint. I really enjoyed the other objects.

By the way, I really need to work on my photography. I didn't realize what awful, horrific glare I was picking up with this. Sheesh.

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