Friday, July 16, 2010


I dropped my husband off at the airport last night. It is always so bittersweet to do that. We started out long distance, so both of us kind of feel like a significant portion of our relationship has been spent picking each other up and dropping each other off at the airport. There is nothing so amazing as walking out from your gate and seeing the expectant face of your loved one waiting for you.

In any case, I have the next two weeks to do nothing but what I want to do. I won't have to worry about cooking dinner, laundry, cleaning, stopping my day at 5pm, etc. Wow, that sounds cold. Trust me, I'd much rather not have a lonely bed at night and my buddy to hang out with. But, I'm trying to be positive and instead of moping around and being lonely (or going out every night and drinking with friends), I want to take these two weeks and accomplish a couple of things:

1) 100 hours of art - Over the next 16 days, that means I would have to spend 6.25 hours per day on nothing but art. If I'm not sketching, painting, or drawing, I better be reading, studying, experimenting, or prepping. I got a little burnt out at the end of the Spring semester, but time to get back on the horse - corporate jobs are 8 hours a day, and those are horrific. Ugh. Give me a paintbrush any day.

2) Exercise every day - I've started to get better and last week I managed 3x per week. Just need to get into the habit of getting up early and doing it. Last summer when I was doing bootcamp @ 5:30am it sucked waking up, but I felt so much better. Just need to start getting into the habit again.

3) Eat healthy - With my husband out of town, I can forgo buying chips and other tasty treats that create a minefield in the pantry. I'm hoping that if I take two weeks and really focus on eating right for myself, I can carry over some of those habits when he gets back.

I'm going to check in daily and report on my progress. Hell, maybe I'll even start talking about trying to get back in shape too. This blog is kind of turning into a yay motivation thing. I need some accountability and I'm terrified of not having structure. This is me trying to implement deadlines and goals and structure into my life. Hopefully the tricks will work!

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