Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend = Fail, Monday = Success

Oh yes, I did not do the 6.25 hours of work, nor did I work out yesterday. Fail. Thank you staying out until 4am. I totally succumbed to peer pressure and wound up in a Saturday night time warp. Whoops. Then I couldn't sleep, so I wound up just having a headache from only getting 3 hours of sleep, but not being able to sleep. I will say - I did spend about 2.5 hours working on compositional (Notan) studies. So it wasn't a complete waste, just not the super productive day I had hoped for.

Today, however, went much better. Got up at 6am, kicked my own butt working out, and was in the studio by 9am. I kept running into an energy wall, but that is as much because I got up and worked out at 6am as anything else. It takes me a couple of weeks to get used to that schedule.

Anywho, it has just been an ugly gray day. No rain, just gray and cloudy. This made for some great overcast studies for my block studies. After lunch I started a bright sunlight study, but then the sun hid behind the clouds, over and over and over again. While I waited for the sun, I began to make small canvas carriers so that I can go outside and paint en plein aire soon. The sun FINALLY came back out again, but man! This weather is such torture. Hope you enjoy today's work!

Total Hours Today = 5.5

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