Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Jambu Fruit

Today has been another gray, nasty day. Thank goodness I finally gave in to clip lights and doing small still life studies. This is just getting ridiculous. So much for trying to paint in natural light. No outside painter would want to capture this lighting, that is for sure. In any case, I've been plugging along with the paintings.

I found some really interesting fruit in the grocery store this afternoon. This is called Red Jambu, and I think it is also known as the Rose Apple. It tastes a lot like a pear, but I think the one I tried wasn't quite ripe yet. It was pretty tasty nevertheless.

I find it so easy to get caught up in doing things the way I used to do them, and I've gotten used to living here, so I have to remind myself how different Singapore is from the US. Whenever I'm trying to figure out what to paint, I really should just go to the market in the morning. There is such an incredibly different array of food available, if I look past what I am used to. I think I'm going to continue this theme. Maybe it will get me out of this funk that the weather has created. I like having something to look forward to and for which to plan.

Three more paintings down, another 7 hours completed!

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