Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rainy Day

Good day today. I finally feel like I am getting into a groove. Thankfully everyone is out of town this weekend so I'm not going to have to choose between going out and my little routine. I finally am feeling great, eating well, exercising and painting. Today I will probably manage to get in 6-7 hours, which totally makes me stoked. The break in the middle of the day came from trekking up to the grocery store. Gotta eat, right? It was a totally rainy, ugly day, so the lighting was pretty awful. Instead I spent the day working on a study for a larger painting. This is a scene of Mt. Savage in Colorado. This shows the evolution of my design (the first two are below, last one I did today is above). I still need to work on it, and I can see the following things that need to change:

1) The water is too busy and generally too light in value
- Once this is fixed, I think a lot of things will fall into place. The water is wayyy too light.
2) The far shore is kind of bugging me. I think I like the far shore the best in the first study I did when it was flat.
3) The rocks, ugh. PITA. Just not working for me, the best version of them has been the second one. Perhaps the shadow needs to come up just a bit, have some more definition in it?

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