Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Roundup

Another stormy gray day. Told you the weather has been bi-polar. Working hard on my motivation, might just dive into color exercises and sketches this weekend. Overall, not been a bad week, could have been more productive, but I've had a social life *gasp!* Having a couple of glasses of wine and staying out until 11pm tends to significantly decrease the desire to get up at 5am to workout. Here's how this week looked:

1) Exercise: 4 out of 5 days. I am totally going to pat myself on the back for this. Like I said, I've been going out, so to get up and still sweat it out has not been easy. Like Tony Horton says, I'm trying to "Bring It!"

2) 36 Hours of work Sat-Friday: Yeah, I could have done much better on this. Duly noted. Monday and Sunday wound up being totally wasted day
s. Sunday was gorgeous so I spent the day at the pool (sinful!) and Monday was gross, so I wound up going shopping to track down some things for doing still life setups when its rainy.
*** Note on working hours: I only count the hours that I am physically in the studio doing art-oriented work. With to all the office jobs that I've had (or witnessed), you always have an additional 1-2 hours a day of "breaks," "email time," "talk to co-worker time," that goes under your 8-9 hour day. I'm just counting the actual work time, so it'll always be a bit lower. ***

3) Eating right: Soooo much better. It took me about a week to really break the cycle of eating badly and just reaching for the chips, or the awful snack. I prefer eating well, but sometimes it gets really hard to do that. Especially when my husband is in the house - he loooves bad snack food like chips. Hopefully I can keep this up when he gets back. I feel so much better.



  2. you actually got three apples stacked up like that on top of each other? I'm impressed! :)
    just kidding girly! I love your new painting style!

  3. Haha! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. The apples really didn't want to be stacked. It was quite funny.

    Carrie, I haven't talked to you in forever! Hope all is going well :)


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