Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paintmap - Follow the Trail!

I just joined this really awesome new website, Paintmap.  I know, I know, not another social media site, right?  This one is a little bit different, and I think it helps add to the experience of my paintings a lot.  This site has paired up with Googlemaps to add geolocation to paintings.  So, I can upload my paintings and tag them with a latitude and longitude, and you can see exactly where they came from!  When I am wandering around and taking reference photos, I often kind of lose track of what street I am currently on, but I at least know the neighborhood.  I think this will be really neat as I continue to travel and paint.  It is yet another site to upload my paintings to, but this one I just think is super cool.  So, if you would like, follow where I have been and see more of the area!  Plus, you can see some other really cool artists and the work they've done as well.

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