Thursday, March 3, 2011

Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 13 - DP No. 36

"Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 13"
6x6 Oil on Panel
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This is one of those crazy crazy KTV places in Chinatown.  And what, might you ask, is a KTV place?  It is a Karaoke bar.  Just like what you may have seen in "Lost in Translation."  Since Karaoke is the one thing even tequila cannot convince me to do, I haven't exactly gotten into them much.  In any case, it makes for another fun shophouse!

I had a really cool morning this morning when I was painting on location.  I was in Little India again, and a couple people now recognize me (the crazy white girl sweating her you-know-what-off in the 95 degree heat at 9am).  Two of them stopped to chat with me, and I had a really nice time.  One of them owns a Thai massage parlor on the street and another was an India gentleman that runs a restaurant in Malaysia.  He told me I must come and try his food.  The gentleman that owned the massage parlor was really lovely to speak with.  And what was even cooler, was that as I was packing up, he came and gave me a soda.  So generous.  It was greatly appreciated, because literally by 9am it was at least 90 degrees, if not closer to 95.  I wound up only getting 50% through the painting because I was just too hot.  Well, so it goes in Singapore.


  1. I love your strong brushstrokes and use of color!


  2. Love seeing your work and hearing your stories. Great job on this. So admire your diligence!


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