Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 26

"Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 26"
6in x 6in Oil On Panel
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Here is another Little India shophouse.  I really liked the morning light and the pretty shadows it created. 

Here in Italy I've been getting tons and tons of reference photos.  Rome is amazing people watching territory.  My husband has started calling me a creeper though.  Because there are so many tourists, people don't pay attention to cameras, which is great.  I just kind of walk around, and take photos of everyone lounging and hanging out in the piazzas and cafes.  Totally fun.   I'm starting to get excited for the workshop this May. 

PS - The popemobile is pretttty cool.  


  1. Love the light in this. Italy! What fun! I am planning a trip in late September. Never been.
    Are you doing Karin's workshop in May?
    Loving your shop series.

  2. Nice play of sunshine and shadow. I like this series.

    Rome! Have fun. I loved the trattorias. I'm sorta feeling envy!


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