Monday, March 28, 2011

Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 30

"Singapore Heritage Shophouse No. 30
6in x6in Oil on Panel
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This is another really fun shophouse in Chinatown.  It has been kind of funny, because as I paint them, my favorites are usually the ones that are the blues.  The reds are a bit tough for me.  But other people in the studio who are local, just love the reds.  There is such a huge cultural difference with colors, which I had heard about, but until I talk to people, you don't understand how significant it is.  One of the artists did  piece with the Singapore river in red.  To me, it looks violent and upsetting.  To him and the other locals, it means that it is the lifeblood.  It is a auspicious color of luck and success.  I just think of horrific violence or something.

We arrived in Florence on Friday, and have just been having a ball.  My husband met his new soul mate in a gentleman that makes leather jackets here, named Janni.  We were invited to his home Friday night for dinner, and I think after that wonderful experience, my husband will never eat my cooking again.  It was out of this world.  His wife made an Italian pasta, and the main course was a greek lamb and potato dish.  Just to die for.  It is such a beautiful experience to travel to new places and make new friends.  As Janni was telling us, friends are the lifeblood and energy that make life worthwhile.  So true!

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  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful! Love your photo!

    Red is one of my favorite colors, so I really like this painting. Nice job!


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